Giuseppe Gentili was born in Pollenza (MC) in 1942, lives and works in Camerino (MC). He attended art school graduating with a master of arts degree in 1963 at the Institute, "Cantalamessa 'of Macerata.

At age 24 he exhibited his first artistic production, realizing a man sculpture at the Theater "Lauro Rossi" of Macerata. He began to create works in iron, bas-relief panels, copper swings, bronzes and large-scale works that often become monuments to be placed in public spaces. Work with a blowtorch, mixed with the merger, using personal techniques.

In 1966 he was present at the VII National Biennial of Contemporary Religious Art - Premio Federico Motta publisher in Bologna. Two years later he exhibited in Montreal, Canada, in Marguita Gallery. The first prize of art, Gentili arrives in the city of Nice, where he earns the gold plate "Statue de la Liberté" Section Sculpture at Grand Prix New York.

His work soon will become part of the collections of prestigious personalities at the time. The first to buy two sculptures ( "17 Trumpet Player" and "Conductor") will own Charlie Chaplin, Charlot in the art, for his villa in Vevey, Switzerland. A few months will put away in the park of Pablo Picasso's villa in Mougins its large sculpture of Don Quixote. A Federico Fellini their work instead Gentiles wanted to donate directly in 1972. In 1973 Gentili will operate in Italy began its collaboration with the Festival of Two Worlds in Spoleto before moving abroad again as a guest in 1974 in Sankt Moritz.

Gentili is often talked about with his great works inspired by a civic commitment to environmental protection and the fight against all types of violence. Particularly dramatic series of works inspired by the Bible, the face of Christ, to Don Quixote and war.

In 1981 the municipality of Macerata buys and places in the Gardens Diaz opera "Don Quixote", a sculpture of seven meters that will see him from 1976 to 1981.

In April 2008 Gentili held a major solo exhibition in Rome, in the new headquarters del'Unicef. In the following years he will hold and participate in other exhibitions (listed in the Review section) until the day of his death on 16/4/2018.

Over the next ten years he will continue to live and produce his art until the end of his life in April 2018.

"I don't want to be called protester, I don't care to grant me any protest. I live for my art and my art. And who doesn't know what is the Art can't understand me."

                                                                  Giuseppe Gentili

A  mysterious and fascinating  personage, a friend of Charlie Chaplin and Federico Fellini, lone wolf who has chosen the sculpture as a weapon to fight his battles for life, peace, justice, freedom. It 'a sculptor or "a craftsman iron", as he likes to be called, Giuseppe Gentili by many called "the man of the forest" by others "the cursed artist" or "the perennial protester". In its extreme simplicity the teacher Gentili  is evidentd  than many critics and art historians and innumerable improvisers. I have no difficulty in affirming that this artist is an authentic new God Vulcan playing lovingly with fire, treats iron as if it were clay, the molds, shape it, adapts it, reinvents it, it recreates a measure of his feelings, of his projects, his creativity even psychological and religious.

                                                                                       by Aldo Forbice                                                                           

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