Art Exhibitions

1964 Macerata, Teatro "Lauro Rossi" (staff).

1966 Bologna, VII National Biennial of Contemporary Religious Art - Federico Motta Award editor.

1967 Numana (AN), City Hall (personal art exhibition).

1968 Montreal (Canada), Margutta Gallery (personal art exhibition).

1970 Nice (France), III Grand Prix in New York, received the first prize: "Statue de la Liberté" (collective art exhibition).

1974 Sankt Moritz, Hotel Carlton,

1976 - 1981, realize the "Don Quixote", which will be purchased by the town of Macerata and placed in the Gardens Diaz.

1985 Viterbo, Ars Gallery Paradox (personal art exhibition).

1987 Spoleto Festival of Two Worlds (personal art exhibition).

1989 Spoleto, Pentagram Gallery (personal art exhibition).

1993 Falconara (AN), National Airport "R. Sanzio" (personal art exhibition).

1996 Ravenna, XII International Biennial of Bronzes Dante, gold medalist of the Dante Center of Ravenna (collective art exhibition).

1996 Caldarola (MC), Humanism Institute and Territory (personal art exhibition).

1996 Camerino (MC), the Archbishop's Palace (personal art exhibition).

1998 Assisi (PC), Show of Peace (collective art exhibition).

1999 Bologna, Ente Fiera.

2000 Cesi (MC) Show for the arrival of Pope Giovanni Paul II and delivery to the Pontiff opera "Mother of Space, 1998".

2000, Ancona, Porta Pia, the opera "The man Saraje-vo" is exposed for a year.

2000 Camerino (MC), the Ducal Palace, the work of the "Raptor" remains on display until 2004.

2003 Pesaro, Ente Fiera.

2007 Pollenza (MC), Abbey Rambona (personal art exhibition).

2007 Tolentino (MC), St. Nicholas Basilica and Freedom Square, edited by Alvaro Valentini (personal art exhibition).

2008, Rome, UNICEF Headquarters, edited by Aldo Forbice (personal art exhibition).

2008 Teramo, Teramo Bank, curated by Gabriele Simongini (personal art exhibition).

2008, Rome, Crocetti Museum, curated by Gabriele Simongini (personal art exhibition).

2010 Potenza Picena (MC), Cultural Center "Umberto Boccabianca" by Antonella Ventura

2011 Macerata, Miorionima Gallery Fine Arts Academy of Macerata